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Preschool Curriculum

Educational Toys

Our goal is to offer a safe, calm and inclusive Reggio inspired environment where children have the space to grow intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially in their own special way. Our practice is reflective and we work with an emergent curriculum, which is responsive to the children’s needs and interests.


We aim to inspire a love of learning and exploration, and with this in mind we provide thoughtful and purposeful learning invitations, including special visits and outings, such as: ​

  • Local walks

  • Music classes with a music therapist

  • Yoga classes with a certified yoga teacher

  • Parent volunteers

  • Focused activities in our dark-room, gym and art studio


Children are more likely to thrive when they know what to expect, and a basic routine is an important part of this.


In our day at Sunflower, we allow the children the control over their environment and routine that they often crave, by including them in our plans for the day, and preparing them in advance for any changes.


Transitions can be challenging, especially if they are rushed or spontaneous, so we always allow plenty of time to plan ahead, prepare, and explain what is happening next. Our basic routine consists of:


  • At least 20 minutes outdoors, whatever the weather! (usually much more)

  • Snack/lunch 

  • Classroom time for free-play and exploration

  • Group time

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